Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Latest...

Another quick note. Life is hectic right now, especially due to the continuing saga with Stig. He is no better after three antibiotic treatments. We are getting plenty of advise from plenty of people, including our vet, but nothing is helping. Frankly, the frustration level continues to reach dangerous levels. (Dangerous for my blood pressure and sanity.) We just cannot get his issues resolved, and on top of that, my allergy-based asthma seems to be cropping up. Within the next week we may hit a "make or break" situation, where things have to improve or we are going to have to look at getting rid of the cats. If that happens, we'll have to call it a very expensive mistake in judgment.

Please continue to be patient. My family and my congregation requirements take precedent over all other things (including blogging).

I wonder if sticking a cork up Stig' mind.

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