Monday, August 19, 2013

Clarification and Rants

Wow.  If more people read this blog, I think that I would have caused an internet meltdown with my last post.  One thought it was a joke ... at first.  Others who know the gist of it are still wondering if my brain has been taken over by little robots.  (Robots ... Androids ... get it?) (crickets chirping)

Anyway, just to update my thinking here.  I still love lots of things about my iPhone, including the backup method and how it "talks" effortlessly to my other Apple devices.  I guess I'm just a bit miffed at the rumors coming out of Appletown that are telling folks that the only changes coming with the new phone are a possible fingerprint reader, a gold color option, and a cheaper version with a plastic back.  Excuse me while I "yay" sarcastically with a yawn.  I'm trying to justify plopping down an extra $100 or more for that over a different phone.  And no, I can't just wait for another year.  My iPhone gets hot enough to boil water (or skin) as it is, so keeping this phone for another 12 months isn't an option. 

Therefore, some time in the next couple of weeks I am going to walk into an AT&T store and look at the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One to see what they are like.  Then, on September 10, I am going to find out what Apple is doing with the next incarnation of the iPhone.  By that afternoon, I will either have my order in for the next iPhone, or will be waltzing down to the store to get an Android.

The ball's in your court, Apple.  Impress me.

Other notes:

Kings:  Chris Hansen (of Seattle trying to steal the Kings fame) gave money to an anti-Sacramento Arena movement, AFTER the NBA decided to have the Kings stay in Sac.  Hansen, you are a complete wanker and have harmed the chances of Seattle getting an expansion team.  Go throw yourself on your sword ... now.  Back out of the ownership group to get the Sonics back so that city at least has a chance now.  Scumbag.

Disney:  I am so rampantly "I don't like Disneyland" that you could bottle the hatred and sell it as mouse poison.  But I have to say, a couple who shall remain nameless just got back from their honeymoon which they spend at the House of the Mouse, and the groom (who is also a Disney disliker) says that they had a great time and were treated incredibly well since they were honeymooning there.  So ... well played, Disney.  But I will not be so easily won over.

Doctor Who:  As much as I like Matt Smith, I'm okay with the choice of Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor.  Sure, he's older, but there have been older Doctors before.  This allows the writers to play with other aspects of the Doctor's personality, and change the tone again.  Trust me, folks ... it's fine.  I've been a fan since Tom Baker, and the changes have always worked.  (See Colin Baker to Sylvester McCoy.)  Enjoy the ride.

DirecTV:  Oh DirecTV... how do I hate thee?  Let me count the ways.  I have had the service for one year, have not been thrilled with the channel lineup, and a couple of weeks ago I found out that my rate was jumping $40 a month, not the $10 promised.  Long story short?  Paid the early termination fee on principle and had Comcast come out and get me back on cable.  No, Comcast isn't perfect, but I'll take that old familiar and reliable cable service than the snotty little satellite company that not only overcharged me, but won't even come and take their dish down!  I have to do that myself!  Jerks...

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