Friday, October 04, 2013

Class vs. No Class

I am so sick to death of Miley Cyrus.  The formerly clean-cut Disney girl has tramped out in every way possible, and rather than becoming popular for any musical ability, she is a source of mockery for anyone who sees her antics.  Frankly, she is about as classy as a plate of pus.  Now, I'm no fan of Sinead O'Connor ... at all ... but her feud with Miley in which she accuses Ms. Formerly Hannah Montana of mocking the mentally ill is the stuff of TMZ joy.

It got me thinking of some things I've considered about actors and other performers: who stands out as classy and who stands out as classless?  I've decided to make a short list, to which I hope others will add, and wonder if the differences stand out as starkly as they do to me.

Just about any rapper
M. Cyrus
J. Bieber
Charlie Sheen
Alec Baldwin
Ted Nugent
Any Kardashian
Paris Hilton

Sir Patrick Stewart
Nathan Fillion (argue with me ... I dare you)
Michael J. Fox (anyone who can do a series that not only increases the knowledge of Parkinson's but can also laugh at himself for the things he deals with is an incredibly classy guy)
David Tenant (tell me when you have read anything negative or disgusting about him)
Vin Scully (65 years and going strong as a broadcaster ... and loved by everyone ... even other teams)
Anne Hathaway (she's done some nudity, but she always seems so nice in all of her public appearances)
Hugh Jackman
Kate Middleton

OK....your turn.  Give me some suggestions, and I'll keep thinking.  I particularly want to note who qualifies as classy.

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