Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cell Phone Safety

Today's Sacramento Bee posted an editorial about cell phone safety.

Now, I'm not opposed to people being safe on cell phones while driving. I, myself, use a Bluetooth earpiece and voice-activated dialing while driving. That's especially important as I use a stick shift! But to get back to the commentary, the editorial stated the following:

"Researchers have found that it is not just the act of pushing a key pad or answering the phone that causes distractions that lead to accidents. A person conversing on the phone while driving loses cognitive awareness, which impairs his ability to drive. And that happens whether the driver holds the cell phone in his hands or uses some kind of hands-free device."

The editorial is basically condemning all forms of cell phone communication while driving. It is stating that the act of talking itself is a large part of the danger of cell phone use. Well, let's take this one step further. Since talking while driving is a distraction, let's make it illegal to drive with a passenger. Rarely do drivers and passengers proceed to their destination in silence, unless a husband is in the doghouse with his wife. Therefore, since this conversation is a hazard, let's ban passengers. If that's the case, then let's get rid of all cars with more than one seat! And don't bring your baby or children in the car with you, as we all know that these little distractions are even worse than cell phones!

My point is this: driving while using a hands free set and voice dialing is no more dangerous than speaking with passengers in a car. Let's keep our eye on the ball, Sacramento Bee. There are so many more dangerous behaviors out there. Frankly, I'd like to see cops really ticket those who: 1) speak on cell phones without a hands-free device while driving, 2) blast their stereos so loud that they rattle the windows on 2nd floor apartments across the street, 3) speed through neighborhoods at 55 when the limit is 25, and 4) put on makeup, drive, and drink coffee at the same time.

Anyone for sanity?

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Asia said...

Well, I think (know) that all car related accidents would be done away with if we got rid of cars all together. In fact, let's wrap ourselves in Nerf and bubblewrap and never leave our beds.