Monday, March 09, 2009

Bad News Keeps Coming

It's getting scary out there. The economic news gets worse and worse.

I can understand why people are nervous and being cautious with money. However, the people who are panicking are making matters worse, not better. Look at it this way: the economy depends on people investing, spending, and for want of a better expression, living their normal lives. When money is pulled out of the economy, businesses fail.

I am not going out to purposely spend money I don't have. Far from it. However, I'm also not going to stop spending entirely. If there's something I need, and I have the money, I'll buy it. For example, my watch conked out on me last week. I started to go through convulsions not having a watch on my wrist! So, I decided to get a new watch. Did I NEED a new watch? Well, need may be a strong word, but I sure felt like I did. Thus, I looked around and found a nice Pulsar (made by Seiko) for under $100. I love the watch, and I pumped a little bit of cash into the economy.

I didn't go out and buy like a madman. (Except for the Ninja, maybe.) But I bought groceries, I went to Ikea and picked up a few things. (Does anyone else love that crazy place as much as I do? Used to hate it. But that's a blog for another day.) We need to be careful with money...always. It's overextension that got us into this mess. But careful and reasonable isn't the same as panicky and miserly. Don't stuff your mattress. Use the banks for your savings, and make your reasonable everyday purchases. It's confidence that pulls an economy up.

And tell the stupid politicians to quit arguing and get to work, will ya? (Just kidding...none of my business, that's for sure!)

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