Monday, March 02, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

No, I'm not going to sing. (Even though I still am trying to find a talk show that will interview me. My purchase of the Ninja has solved the drought!)

I just found out that my homebuilder, John Laing Homes, has filed for bankruptcy protection. Now, I'm not vindictive. Also, this isn't good news for my home inspections and warranties for the first year of ownership. In fact, I haven't heard from them yet to schedule the walk-through! But I am beginning to be a believer in "What goes around, comes around". They were so jerk-like at times during the negotiation process that I almost feel as though they are getting what they dealt. Still, I don't wish anyone out of work, and there were several very nice people who worked with us on our home purchase. I hope all of them are doing okay.

But to all of you out there who think that just because you're in sales that you have to hard-sell and hard-line your never know what you're setting yourself up for! What's the old saying? Be careful as you climb the ladder of success. Don't step on anyone on the way up, because those are the people you'll have to deal with on the way back down. (Or something like that. It's Monday, for cryin' out loud!)

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