Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Next Step in the Search and...the Doctor!

Well, I bit the bullet and decided to hire an investigator to find my birth family. Not that I want to meet them. I just want to know where my ancestors hail from.

So far, she has already got confirmation of my last name, and is in the process of tracking the maternal side of the family. The paternal side is going to be virtually impossible.

With that in mind, I received an advertisement that says they will track your ancestry via your dna. And it's under $200. They say that they can go back 1000s of years to trace where you come from. I'm curious though...how do you prove it? How can you tell them, "You got it wrong!" All they have to say is, "Prove it!" You can't! Not unless you have verified documentation saying that instead of coming from Germany you come from Geezbookistan. I still may do it, though. Just for giggles.

Anyway, I'll update this blog with more ancestry info if I get it.

On a side note, I finally watched the Doctor Who episode, "The Waters of Mars". What can I say? Fan-stinkin-tastic. David Tennant really proved what kind of actor he is in this one. The look on his face as he decided that he was the Lord of Time and could do as he pleased was fanatical! Overall...even if you aren't a big Doctor Who fan, catch this episode. Along with "Blink", it may be the best ever.

Finally, three cheers for the Sacramento Kings. Down by 35 points in the 3rd quarter, and they come back and win on the road in Chicago. This is a new attitude Kings team. Anyone who can't get behind this team just doesn't like basketball. They are already nearing the total wins for last season, and we're still in December! Tyreke Evans is a stud, Jon Brockman is a self-sacrificing rebound machine, and the rest of the team is infected with the "team" bug, which makes these guys fun to watch. Coach Westphal...I don't know what you've done, but keep it up. And Sacramento area...get these guys a new arena, will ya? It will keep events coming to Sacramento and will help to eliminate the Cow-town label. Get it done!


Chris G said...

That was an UNBELIEVABLE game... I was watching the internet stream (cuz, you know, they don't broadcast Kings games in San Antonio), and woke Regeina up a couple of times with my whooping and hollering. I was so pumped after the finish that I couldn't go to sleep for a couple of hours. I'm just sad they decude to find the way to win AFTER we move away from Sac... :(

Anonymous said...

And this is Chris G. again... just wanted to see what it feels like to comment anonymously.

If you're wondering - I feel, as the butler in "Mr. Deeds" was wont to say, "Sneaky sneaky, sir."

Now I dare you to publish my comment!! :)

Adam said...

It's BECAUSE you moved away from Sac.

Adam said...

And...Mr. So-called Anonymous...you aren't anonymous because you identified yourself in the first line! HAH!

Asia said...

I just watch that Time Lord victorious speech over and over. Kiri just kept saying "I don't like it! I don't like it!" It made her uncomfortable to see the Doctor like that. As a person fascinated with character development, I loved it!