Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday rants

It seems to me that not only have I not posted for awhile, but I also haven't given way to a great big rant in awhile.  So, without further ado:

Kings and Maloofs:  I wanted to get this out of the way right up front.  This whole saga of Kings to Anaheim, Kings stay, new arena, Maloofs back out, Kings sold to Seattle and moving, Kings staying in Sacramento... Has any other city been subjected to this kind of abuse?  Granted, the Baltimore area had the Colts moved to Indianapolis, and then Art Modell moved the Browns from Cleveland in the dead of night.  Seattle had their Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City.  But let's face an important fact here:  Indy, Cleveland, and Seattle all have other major league sports franchises!  The City of Sacramento has the Sacramento Kings!

Ever since this team lost in the playoffs to the Lakers, the Maloof family has done everything possible to alienate, abuse, and generally assault the feelings and loyalty of some of the best basketball fans in the country.  (The latest rumor has them wanting a hockey team or a baseball team:  attention NHL and MLB, RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!)

Thankfully, this reign of error is almost over.  In about a week, the NBA owners will decide if the Kings stay in Sacramento or go to Seattle.  Based on the latest of the latest rumors, it seems as though Mayor Kevin Johnson lobbed a last-second shot from way beyond half court and swished it!  We'll see.  But when all of this is said and done, I think the city of Sacramento should classify the Maloofs as personae non gratis and kick their devious, greedy, selfish butts out of town.

North Korea:  Does anyone else think that Kim Jung Un looks like a badly drawn cartoon character?  Seriously, China has to ask itself a question:  Who would you rather have on your border?  A country that you own (the U.S.?) or a country that you own with an absolutely loco guy in charge?  (No ... not Iran.)

Sequester:  It's amazing how people still think that representatives represent.  Who likes what's going on in Washington right now?  Anyone?

Guns:  I simply do not understand the NRA.  How, in the name of sanity, can an organization justify owning military hardware?  And how often does someone protecting his family NEED a 30 bullet magazine?  And who hunts deer with an assault rifle?  Are they afraid the deer is armed, too?  I would say they need to return to sanity, but I'm beginning to wonder if they aren't too far gone.

Cartoons:  I'm so glad Animaniacs is back on the Hub.  A whole new generation will get to see the brilliance of that show.

Doctor Who:  First two episodes with Jenna-Louise Coleman as the newest companion:  meh.  Love her ... hated the scripts.  I am curious, however, why the Tardis doesn't seem to like her.

Leverage:  A pox on TNT for canceling this series!  A pox, I say!

Castle:  I wonder if anyone can name another show where the two lead characters, who had never been romantic but whose fans wanted to see a romance, got romantic, and the show didn't tank.  If anything, this show has gotten better.  Full credit to the writers, producers, and actors on this show.  They not only didn't jump the shark, they cut the shark up into sashimi!

NCIS:  How can a show that's been on the air for 10 years keep getting better?  I ask you!

That's it for today.  Let's see if I can keep this train rolling!

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