Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sports Day

It's that time again! Time for my random rants on sports.

Basketball - Each time I look at the Sacramento Kings' roster I scratch my head and wonder. How in the heck did we get into this mess? I won't go into details, or this wouldn't be a short rant. Nonetheless, what are the chances that we can get rid of everyone except for Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia...and that's it?
AK-47 (Andre Kirilenko) wants out of Utah, and, of course, Kings fans wonder if we could get him here. Personally, I'd love to have him here, but I just don't see how it could work. But I'm sure going to keep my eye on for the latest news and opinions. Just think how much Sacramento's Russian population would go for this trade!

Baseball - To Marc Ecko, the man who bought Barry Bonds' record breaking baseball: Can you please be a bit more self-serving and self-righteous? I would be curious, however, how you plan to get that baseball into space. Do you really have so much money to waste on these things? Feed the poor, plant some trees, do something useful!

Football - Fans crack me up sometimes. The Raiders are 0 - 2 and the haters are pulling the plug on the entire season. The 49ers are 2 - 0 and bandwagonneers are ready to anoint them the rulers of the NFC West. Both teams have looked mediocre at best, and it's only been two games! Calm down, will ya?

Three Cheers for the River Cats! - The Sacramento River Cats just won the Triple-A championship. And that's with more call-ups and roster changes than one can even imagine. That says a lot about the players, the coaches, and the fans who supported the team. Way to go, guys! You rock!

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Just a brief comment on the football part: Seeeriously!!!!