Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TheraFlu Rules

Still sick today, and have already had to write a lot for my creative writing course.  Thus, no big blog commentary again today.

Yet, I do have to write something, per my self-imposed instructions.  Thus, today I sing the praises of TheraFlu daytime formula.  Man, does anything work better to get a person through the day when he's sick?  Not that I've found.  I do have some advice for those who want to use it.  First, daytime formula only.  The others are almost undrinkable.  Second, use very hot water and finish drinking the concoction before it gets lukewarm.  The hotter the better and the less gagging.  Finally, whenever possible, add honey. 

That's all, and that's all I have to say today.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Asia said...

Thank you, Dr. Himmel. I have given up on DayQuil, as quite possibly makes me more drowsy than NiQuil...medicines tend to work in the opposite way they're supposed to on me...

Adam said...

DayQuil does squadoosh for me. And normally I don't react well to meds either.

Hooray for TheraFlu. It has saved my butt many times when it comes to being able to get through a day of work.